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Discretionary Portfolio Management

Do you have time to manage your investment portfolio? Likely not. At Greg Flower Wealth Management, we work hard to understand each client’s financial situation and goals, and to actively make trading decisions for them to work towards achieving their goals. It is a service that frees them up to spend time and energy on family, recreation and work.

To do this and do it well it all comes down to relationships. Our well-defined, trust-based client relationships make it possible for us to act on a personalized discretionary basis. A portfolio management service we are extremely proud to offer.

Greg Flower Wealth Management creates tailor made portfolios to suit each client’s objectives.

A. Discretionary Portfolio Management – Minimum Portfolio $250,000

We start with a core portfolio which we call the Enhanced Yield.

Enhanced Yield Portfolio Description

EY MARCH 31, 2019

For those with less risk tolerance we can customize a portfolio by adding fixed income exposure which we call the Balanced Enhanced Yield.

Balanced Enhanced Yield Description 

BEY March 31, 2019

B.  Fee Based ETF Portfolios – Minimum Portfolio $100,000

An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolio that is tailored to your level of risk tolerance.

GFWM Fee Based ETF Portfolios

ETF March 31, 2019

C. The Put Call Model (Non Managed) – Minimum Portfolio – $250,000

GFWM – PC- March 31 2019

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March 31, 2019 Quarterly Report

What is Discretionary Portfolio Management?

A well-defined professional relationship that allows the portfolio manager to act on a discretionary basis in an intentional and disciplined process.

Clients typically include affluent individuals, estates and trusts, charitable foundations, and corporations (professional and holding).

Planning Services

Full life cycle financial planning which guides clients to build, preserve and effectively transfer their wealth to their desired beneficiaries.

Other Financial Services

Greg Flower Wealth Management has access to the expertise and resources to assist a client in other financial needs. These include:

Retirement Planning
Estate Planning
Tax Planning


Greg Flower Wealth Management offers complimentary seminars to anyone who would like to learn more about a specific financial field (and one who enjoys cheese, wine and conversation) presented by industry professionals.